Psychic Zen Spiritual Advisors


Psychic Zen Spiritual Advisors

Kass Huff, Psychic Medium brings you Gifted Clairvoyants & Clairaudients selected for their talents and authentic gifts.  Psychic Zen Spiritual Advisors Psychics and Mediums of the Pacific Northwest

accurate, trusted, and naturally gifted Clairvoyants & Clairaudients.

Offering you Readings by phone, chat and email.

It is Our Collective Mission to help those who seek our help with trusted Spiritual Advisory, and bring you the best we can offer you through our connection with Source.  We're here to help you with all of your intuitive needs.  Psychic Zen is Registered Trademark.


Happy New Year One and All!

Kass Huff is a sought after naturally gifted Psychic Medium, Psychic Investigator, Medical Intuitive, Healer, Animal Communicator, Instructor, Author, Paranormal Consultant, and Empowerment Coach who is connected to the 4 winds and Great Spirit.  A living bridge to the beyond, bringing you messages for your Spirit.

 ​Kass began working with her gifts after helping the family of a missing person. She continues to help on cases, as she is able to help.  She reads for people all over the world, channels, teaches - and assists with paranormal investigations and missing persons cases.   


How We Choose Our Psychics - "It's A Gift"

We are looking for individuals who are naturally gifted with the abilities of accurate Clairaudience and Clairvoyance and have great customer service skills and the ability to listen to the client as well as tune in and receive messages for them.  We select individuals with proven ability and references, who have a minimum of 5 years of Professional experience working in service with their gifts.  We select those who are clear and direct, and who's readings support the Integrity of Earthly Oasis / Psychic Zen and who are a Spiritually aligned high vibrational individuals.  We also look for outstanding commitment to health and Zen lifestyle -  those who go above and beyond.  Email to apply.