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 Psychic Zen Online Gift Store and Spiritual Advisors

Psychics and Mediums of the Pacific Northwest

accurate, trusted, and naturally gifted Clairvoyants & Clairaudients.

Offering you Readings by phone, & by appointment. 

If it's about life - we're here to help with it...

our Goal is to help you receive results for success and happiness - for we know internal peace is priceless.



Psychic Zen's mission

is to help those who seek our help with trusted Spiritual products, Spiritual Guidance, and bring you the best we can offer you through our connection with Source.  Services, articles, & classes to support spiritual awareness, enlightenment, and zen life, upholding the highest ethics for our industry.  We are consistent in our valuable Guidance, our services, and our availability to you. We're here to help you with all of your intuitive needs as Psychics are available.

Psychic Zen is a Brand of Earthly Oasis.


How We Choose Our Psychics - "It's A Gift"

We are looking for individuals who are naturally gifted with the abilities of accurate Clairaudience and Clairvoyance primarily.  After that we are looking for people who have great customer service skills and the ability to listen to the client as well as tune in and receive messages for them. 

We select individuals with proven ability and references, who have a minimum of 5 years of Professional experience working in service with their gifts.  We select those who are clear and direct, and who's readings support the Integrity of Earthly Oasis / Psychic Zen and who are a Spiritually aligned high vibrational individuals.  We also look for outstanding commitment to health and Zen lifestyle -  those who go above and beyond.  Email info@psychiczen.com to apply.