Intuitive Tarot

It's in the Cards

A long time ago I had my first tarot card reading done - by the first Psychic I had ever met.  My eldest daughter found her for me and suggested I have a reading - I was having spiritual experiences beyond the norm and it had happened to me my whole life.  I remember being a bit nervous, not knowing at all about the tarot.  I know that beautiful person was brought into my life by an Angel, she must have been because my life changed for the better after that reading.   I went on a journey to understand the Tarot and I took a class on Psychic Development.  The first lesson I learned was "You're psychic - don't learn anything - you have to unlearn now".   I only attended a few classes, and the first reading I gave was to a woman who was blown away - I had "read" the cards in other words I was hearing/clairaudient and seeing/clairvoyant images as I looked at the cards for her.  From the very beginning the first lesson to "trust" was the only one I needed.  About 3 months later I found myself helping with a missing persons case.  The cards showed me direct answers to his location, and "somehow" I was able to connect to him right through the cards.  It's supernatural and hard to explain, even for me - how it works.  I now know that when I work with the tarot, there is an opportunity for loved ones who are on the other side - who are in Heaven - to come through and bring messages.   Working with the tarot opens up extra-sensory information to come through and it is one way to see and hear messages.  I later self studied the tarot to further nurture my understanding of the history and meaning of the tarot.  I continue to work with tarot as a divination tool as the first Psychic I ever met said to me - I one day would.  

Staying open to the highest message from Divine Source is always the key to the tarot.   

I teach intuitive tarot and enjoy passing down the teachings that have been handed down to me.   I hold tarot in the Sacred Circle when we are working together, and tarot readings are available with me by email, chat, and phone. 


Psychic Zen CEO, Founder & Owner