Dr. of Metaphysics, Ushi Reiki Master, Tibtan Reiki Master, Chakra Reiki Master, Master Channeler, Certified Angel Tarot card Reader, Advanced Soul Realignment Akashic Records Practitioner


I have been completely enlightened since I was four years old. People would come to me and just start telling me their whole life story. I found that I could read them at Soul Level. My Mother and Grandma taught me metaphysics at a very early age.

My gifts include:






I learned very fast that I could help people find their core block and the with a series of Questions I would Channel Spirit and all the answers just came flowing through me and people were being healed right in front of my face. 

Later on I also knew I could speak to others past loved ones and also help them cross over into the light. I learned very fast that I could speak too all types of Spirit like Spirit Guides and Angels. It has been and continues to be such a journey to be able to help people with their problems and help them with decisions from Spirit. 

I have a Spiritual Tool Box of amazing things that when I am reading gives me so much to offer for my clients and I am so grateful for this. It is my passion. 

I read with a lot of creative energy and I absolutely am addicted to people. My friends call me a Social Butterfly. 

I offer:

Channeling for all areas of your life. Relationships, Health, Money and Business

Medium, Speaking to your loved ones that have passed

Tarot Card Reading

Pet Reading

Twin Flame Reading

Long Distance Reiki

Long distance Chakra Reiki 

Leumarian Starseed attunement 

Advanced Soul Realignment Akashic Record Session

Akashic Records in Business reading

Portal Closing 

Entity clearing and blocks

Long distance land clearing

I am so really looking forward to help you and we will have a great time with Spirit!!!