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For years, the gift of intuition has guided my decisions, my career, and most of my relationships. Though (for many years) I remained unaware of the source of this gift, my ability to “know” and sense people, situations, even medical conditions, guided much of my daily interaction. After a time, I learned of opportunities to bless others with my gift. Channeling messages and intuitive work with others has taken me down a path of service for those seeking direction, coaching, and communication from Spirit. This includes Remote Viewing for law enforcement in foreign countries. To be able to help others is the greatest gift I can give – to serve as Spirit directs.

Life brings its challenges and we all have that "gut sense" to guide us. I am here to help you recognize the messages your intuition gives to you. Intuition is personal – like watching a sunset with friends (everyone sees the same sunset but the inspiration that comes from that experience may be different for each). My gift is channeling and discernment – a sixth sense that allows me to feel and perceive people and circumstances. I use that gift to guide you to toward a better understanding of yourself.

Living a full, happy, joyful life is the goal.

I utilize the power of crystals and healing stones in my practice. Recently, I have been recognized as a powerful channel, oracle card reader and scryer, and have expanded my service to include this for clients.

My mantra: I will uniquely combine my gifts of Supernal Insight with intuitive guidance to provide personal Spirit Coaching with each reading.

This opportunity to serve has proven to be the greatest blessing to me.

Member of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA)

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