"Born Psychic" Psychic Medium


  "Born Psychic" Psychic readings, Speaks to your Loved Ones, Tarot, Angelic guidance readings.  

Spiritual/Psychic Healing and

Love/Money/Business Coach.  

Hello, I am Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath with the gift of Remote Viewing.  I have assisted on numerous missing persons cases and worked with Investigators as well as Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue.  I am able to communicate with Loved Ones on this side and the other as well as Animal communicate with Pets Living as well as on the other side.  I work with my gifts full-time  offering messages your heart needs to hear. 

I also offer healing, I am a Channel and a Psychic/Shamanic Healer and offer remote Spiritual healing through messages from the Akashic Records, Ascended Masters, Your Ancestors and Guides, and 

Past Life Visions.

Psychic Zen CEO, Founder & Owner   

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