Remote Healing

Ruby Psychic/Medium


Hi I am Ruby, Psychic and I have Studied Shamanism, I am Gifted at being able to help you with Love Relationships, and Personal Healing and Find Clarity and Peace.  I am a Psychic and a Medium able to connect with Loved Ones who will come through to me.  Read more...

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Astrodamus Psychic/Astrologer


I am an Astrologer and Psychic Medium.  I have able to help you understand your life.  I am a Healer and Shaman and can read the body and Spirit.  I speak to the Spirit World and receive messages.  I use Astrology and my Gifts and I have the ability to help you understand...  Read more...

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Jewel Psychic Medium


I am a Natural Born Psychic with the Gift of Mediumship I can connect to the Other Side, I receive messages from Ancestors in Heaven to help you find direction and your calling and release old cords that bind you.  I speak the truth to help you find your greatest potential.  Read more...

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