Sandie JM, Psychic Medium

The gift that I work with is the ability to see what possibilities are ahead for you. Life coaching can come into play then to help you see the outcomes of the possibilities to be able to make better choices in your life. I can help you make better choices about love, relationships, career, business opportunities and other personal issues. My goal is to help you achieve your goals in a positive way. Communication with those whom has transitioned to the other side is also a possibility.  

I've been very intuitive all of my life. I did not realize that is the first sign of being psychic.  I ignored it.  After I lost my Husband I needed to find something to give me purpose again.  I started going to a psychic showcase and was drawn into the metaphysical world.  I took one class after the other. I am now a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master (energy healing) Registered Hypnotherapist, healer and Minister.  I also do paranormal investigation and house clearings.
I have been a successful reader/healer now for 8+ yrs. I'm blessed to be able to have whatever gift that is needed to help you. 

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I have you in my "realm of most influential beings"... I keep your picture handy so I won't forget you and hold onto your words of support that we've shared.  I hold you in my heart always.  Namaste

- Charles, Tacoma, Wa


You gave me a reading in November and I wanted to thank you again.  I have been looking for some guidance and encouragement and working on connecting with my intuition. You’re advice and warmth really meant a lot, and you encouraged me to trust myself.

So thank you.
- Allie, Seattle, Wa


Today was awesome. Have had some great clarity!  Grandpa did protect me as best as he could. My brother and I are going to have a talk when I have time tomorrow to share and listen. Thank you for the great start!

- S.O.  Tacoma, Wa


Hello! You gave me a reading and said a big decision was coming up in 3 weeks Well... we just closed on a house in NY! This was not the plan by the way...
- Melissa,  Dupont, Wa