Terms & Conditions

General Disclaimer:  We 100% Guarantee your reading is with an Advisor who has 5 years of experience and can help you with Spiritual Advisory.  We do not warrant the information that they bring through, nor the connection you will have with them - therefore Readings are for entertainment purposes only.   Psychic Zen offers Spiritual Consultations to people all over the world - Reading are in English and we do not have translators available at this time.  We accept only US Dollars.  Our business is built on satisfied customers and good reputation - please tell your friends about us!   Reading are for Entertainment Purposes Only. 

All Clients Must be 18 years or older, and have a valid credit card.

Psychic Zen is a brand name of Earthly Oasis.  Receipts to customers will have the Earthly Oasis  name.  Please contact 1-833-568-3936 with any concerns or email us at info@psychiczen.com.

All calls are Confidential.   

Appointments:  All appointments are made by the client through our online booking system.  Your appointment is considered booked unless you receive an email or phone call otherwise.  A valid credit card number is required.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express are accepted. 

***At the EXACT TIME OF your scheduled appointment 

call 1-833-568-3936 AND ENTER THE PSYCHICS EXTENSION,*** 

unless other phone instructions have been given*.

Appointment, Reschedule, Cancellation, and No-Show / No-Call Policy:  When you book your appointment - your appointment is considered booked unless you receive an email or phone call otherwise.  If a Client has any problem getting through please text  or call 1-833-568-3936 dial Zero.  Clients are required to call the Advisor at the exact time of their schedule appointment.  Clients must call within 3 minutes of their scheduled appointment time or the call will be considered a no-show.  Psychic Zen / Earthly Oasis requires 24 hours notice for cancellations and changes to your scheduled appointment.  If you cancelled/no show for your appointment without emailing info@psychiczen.com within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, 100% of your appointment fee will be billed to your card on the day of the no-show/cancel.   By submitting your appointment your agree to our appointment, reschedule, cancellation, and no-show / no-call policy.  Psychic Zen / Earthly Oasis and its Spiritual Advisors reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and fully refund client.  

Refund Policy:  We do not offer refunds for services performed.  Psychic Readings offer intuitive insight - if you feel you are not connecting with the Advisor you are speaking to please let the Advisor know right away and end the call - and call Customer Service during regular business hours or email info@psychiczen.com.   You may request a refund, however it is not our standard policy to refund for services that have been performed, and all of our Spiritual Advisors are quality tested.  Refunds are subject to management approval.

Medical Disclaimer:    Intuitive Information relating to well-being may come through readings– and is not medical advice.  Psychic Zen / Earthly Oasis and Owners does not warrant the accuracy of information that is brought forward during readings from Psychic Zen Spiritual Advisors.   Spiritual Advisors are not Doctors or Mental Health Practitioners or Healthcare Professionals, and information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Please never start or stop a health regimen based on Spiritual/Psychic Readings/ Information, and always contact your Health Care Provider regarding all issue’s health related.  Psychic Zen / Earthly Oasis and its owners and management is neither responsible nor liable for any counsel/advice, treatment/remedy, diagnosis/information, services/products that you obtain based on Spiritual Advisory / Psychic Readings/ Intuitive insights.