The Power of Intuition

"How do you know for sure?" 

It’s a question that I’m asked all of the time. Frequently, one will have a “gut feeling” that nags at him but he just can’t believe what it’s telling. To consider listening to an impression is often “too far out there.” Intuition just isn’t solid enough to be an acceptable, valid source for information. So, why then, does law enforcement still go with the infamous “hunch?” 

Because it works.


The human instinct has been physiologically proven – think about the innate “Fight or Flight” instinct seen in human beings and animals alike. Consider a person’s gut feeling when he or she enters a sketchy environment or is approached by a stranger that “gives the creeps.” Instantly the body responds: goosebumps appear on the skin’s surface, the heart and respiratory rate quicken, pupils typically dilate, and muscles receive an increased blood supply ready to jump into action. All of this is a response to a perceived threat.


Studies of isolated prisoners kept in the darkness have indicated the individual sees colored lights where no light has actually passed through the prisoner’s retina. This phenomenon has a name: “Prisoner’s Cinema” or the phosphene phenomenon. It has also been noted to occur in people who experience blindness. Again, a phenomenon that is perceived.

Long ago, our forefathers used this phenomenon to receive insight through visions. Physiologically, it happened – their task was to interpret the event and what it meant, just like the perceived threat a body goes through when it’s “creeped out” and shifts into the Fight or Flight state. It’s real.

Per research done by Brian Johnson, in 1970, a scientist named Oster hypothesized the following:

“…in Scientific American that the prisoner’s cinema may be the cause of some “ghost” sightings. Others have noted a connection between the lights and Neolithic cave paintings. Legend says that the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras retreated to pitch black caves in order to receive wisdom through visions.” (Top Ten Human Reflexes and Natural Instincts, 2012) In addition, Johnson notes that a physical response called the Ganzfield effect is noted as a method from which an individual views images by staring at a “uniform field color” or object (such as white snow or blue water). 

I call that scrying and use a large smoky quartz crystal to accomplish the same. If the body’s reaction to perceived information is an actual, physiological response, why then is instinct received through channeling or other means less valid? In my opinion, it isn’t. In fact, from personal experience, the more we listen to those promptings, the more we realize they are valid, real and meant to be taken seriously. 

U.S. military and government agencies recognize the value of intuition (ask any combat vet about instinct under direct fire). In the mid-1970s, a program was designed using non-psychic, trained individuals who would view targets identified only with latitude/longitude coordinates and issued as double-blind objectives. These selected individuals were called “Remote Viewers” and for more than 20 years, the top secret project carried out its mission. The Stargate Project was the code name for the secret U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and SRI International. Psychic spies would remote view enemy targets. This program was dissolved in 1995, when the project was exposed by the media.  Personally, I doubt the government and military truly abandoned the use of remote viewers in intelligence gathering after the Cold War. My best guess is that remote viewing is still active and valued.

What about those of us without formal training and military or government endorsement? Can we experience instinct and receive impressions that are considered just as valid? Of course!  Remember, humans and animals, have instincts that give us “the creeps” and accompanying goosebumps. We also receive inspiration for creativity.

“…currently in the behavioral sciences, instinct is generally understood as the innate part of behavior that emerges without any training or education in humans.” – Amanda Spink.

How many times have you listened to “inspired” music or viewed “inspired” works of art? How often have each of us felt inspired just by a spoken thought or a breathtaking sunset? These are real impressions and deserving of our attention. 

As living, breathing, human entities, we are endowed with the gifts of the Spirit. My belief is that one of those gifts is instinct, also known as intuition. It’s a powerful sense that can save a life and invigorate the creative senses. The key is to not discount the impression as it comes.  In other words, don’t blow it off.  Listen. Pay attention. Be still. Notice. These are the tools to utilizing intuition and gather meaning from the promptings that come therein. Just like the individual thrust into total darkness, when we go to stillness our vision opens and we see the light.

May you always be visionary, filled with light, and blessed to recognize the power of your intuition.

Love Kat 

Psychic Zen Spiritual Advisor

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