You Are Energy

A Source of Divine Love

exists within you!  You are real and larger than you might realize.  We all are!  If you can imagine that a Source of Love and Compassion is already within you and all you have to do is stay open to it and let it guide you - what would you say?  Would it be easy for you to imagine?  When we connect with the energy of Source that is flowing already within us AND allow ourselves to consciously connect "in the here and now" we activate a powerful reality of etheric senses that active new possibilities within us - because when we block the "Source Reality" of endless unlimited possibilities we become closed off to Faith and all that is possible.  

If you are feeling that your Light is dim say this affirmation "My True Nature is a Brightly Burning Flame Ever Connected to The Source of All Good Things".  Imagine a candle within your center or your "hara" - is your candle burning brightly?  Is it dim or feeling low?  Feed that flame through your breath and your CONSCIOUS connection to Source - the Source of all good things.  As you allow your breathe to connect you (breathe in and breathe out slowly as you digest this) - you become ONE with the internal inherent Source of Love and Positive Energy that flows to you through your heart and Soul (that which is Always present about you) and your connect to the internal co-mingling of Source within and the external dialogue of the world begins to change because it REACTS to the energy from within you.  As you become aware you begin to shift the external  environment to reflect the everpresent and unlimited Source of Love and Light and flow then from the place of love that was present within you for all time (even from before your birth into this life!) and when your environment reacts to this internal knowing - this internal bliss your external experience takes on new shape to now hold your ever expanding super-conscious self.  You are energy and you will begin to attract from the place of allowing yourself fully and experiencing the LOVE that is  within you fully and this love that comes from a place that is much larger than your current body-self when free to fully emit energy now is like a flood of goodness - a brightly burning flame of purity - and it attracts your full desire, your full worth - when you stop blocking the energy within you you become an unstoppable energy source!  You are a forward moving energetic - a lightwave and when you are "connected" you are attracting from a place of knowing you are Unlimited Potential.  

-Kass Huff, Psychic Medium