Psychic Zen


Psychic Zen Spiritual Advisory Readings available with Trusted Psychics & Mediums by phone, email, and chat.  Psychics & Mediums offer guidance and help with many topics including love and relationships, money and career, health, personal empowerment, psychic awakening, family and pets, business, help through a transition, and healing. Our services are confidential and secure.  

Online Gift Store


Psychic Zen Online Gift Store offers sage, incense, crystals, jewelry, clearing mists, Spiritual & metaphysical supplies such as prayer flags and products for body, mind, Spirit, and Soul.  Empowering a lifestyle of tranquility, well-being, and Divine connection. 

All orders are made online, and shipped anywhere in the USA.  Contact us for assistance or call 1-833-568-3936.

Getting Started


Simply choose your Advisor, then view availability by clicking "get a reading/request a reading" - you will be able to see if your Advisor is online or offline and you will be able to request a call back with the Advisor of your choice.  You will need to take a moment to set up your account.  Have a valid credit card ready, we accept Credit Cards (no debit cards).  You must be 18 years or older.